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Voting- Overall 2013 Dog Show winner
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Title:  Hiding in Plain Sight
Description:  Sophie (chihuahua) hiding on the ...
Public Name:  DebR
Vote Totals:  139
Comments: (14)
Title:  Sleepy Lu
Description:  This picture was snapped when ...
Public Name:  JackieP
Vote Totals:  0
Comments: (1)
Title:  Miller
Description:  Just Chillin!!
Public Name:  JDG04
Vote Totals:  213
Comments: (7)
Title:  Tina
Description:  Long Hair Dalmatian :)
Public Name:  Jesus3369
Vote Totals:  22
Comments: (0)
Title:  Merry Christmas!
Description:  House + Backyard = Happy ...
Public Name:  mthai326
Vote Totals:  0
Comments: (4)
Title:  Dr Merlin
Description:  Merlin is a 14 year ...
Public Name:  Merlin13
Vote Totals:  0
Comments: (0)
Title:  Blitzen at Mt. Bonnell
Description:  I met Blitzen at Austin ...
Public Name:  toando
Vote Totals:  699
Comments: (17)
Title:  Happy, Healthy Dog!
Description:  After discovering that she was ...
Public Name:  Stephanie8
Vote Totals:  1
Comments: (1)
Title:  Riding into the Sunset
Description:  Chloe loves sunset cruises..
Public Name:  kug0421
Vote Totals:  18
Comments: (7)
Title:  Daddy and I
Description:  My Daddy insists that I ...
Public Name:  AmberPanko
Vote Totals:  1
Comments: (6)
Title:  Miss Panda Gives THE Look
Description:  Miss Panda enjoys practicing her ...
Public Name:  Vanda
Vote Totals:  783
Comments: (8)
Title:  Give me that cheeseburger!
Description:  Chewy on his 11th birthday ...
Public Name:  spikey
Vote Totals:  184
Comments: (1)
Title:  Brownie jumping right at you
Description:  Brownie jumping into the pool ...
Public Name:  bshelton66
Vote Totals:  124
Comments: (0)
Title:  Peedy in the Pool
Description:  Peedy loves to be in ...
Public Name:  jencarr79
Vote Totals:  168
Comments: (6)
Title:  Dixie Poolside
Description:  This is my amazing little ...
Public Name:  DixiesDad
Vote Totals:  70
Comments: (8)
  1 2       Viewing: 1-15 of 20
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2013 Dog Show

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